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Victor Bellaish’s 2020 BIANCO collection brings together his genuine curiosity and creativity alongside his inspirations throughout the past decade. These are compiled through his in-depth study of the fashion and couture history and techniques, mixed with his exploration of nature, specifically birdlife.
Together, these transformed into a silky, mesmerizing bridal collection.

This unique collection is devoted to elite couture and traditional tailoring methods, with soft, high-quality materials that enabled Bellaish to sculpture his stunning 2020 creations. Research of the attire history led the way to the creation of this collection, specifically the distinct silhouette of Josephine’s directoire dresses (mid-1790’s) with the empire cut. Combined with Victorian corsets, these receive a new interpretation from Bellaish, which includes a harmonious encounter between matter and material:

airy, floating, light as a feather.


BIANCO 2020 collection compiles the attitude of high-end couture, the silhouettes, the movement - all intertwined to form a traditional creation, while Bellaish’s distinct signature hovers throughout the collection, creating a fresh new spirit welcoming a promising new decade.


In the summer of  92’, the young Victor Bellaish (24),  appeared before the board of admissions at  the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, the most prestigious school of fashion design in Israel. Buying materials in order to create a portfolio of his work was not a financial option for him, so he presented the committee with a dress he created from 10,000 safety pins. 


The dress became iconic and earned Bellaish grants and funding for the next 4 years of his studies. He graduated with honors in 1996, and went on to win first prize in the Diesel world contest for promising young designers. Soon after, he received a phone call from the renowned Italian designer, Roberto Cavalli, who offered him a job as a leading designer at the Cavalli studio.


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