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2018 Collection | true love

A journey to Tokyo led designer Victor Bellaish to create a new collection inspired by the Japanese Harajuku Girls and by Wabi-Sabi,  a traditional concept rooted in a design approach idolizing the beauty of imperfection and embracing the transience course of life. In his collection Bellaish combines the Victorian dress elements that characterize the Harajuku Girls'  style, such as large bows, romantic ruffles and the historical silhouettes, introducing them into the Wabi-Sabi perception- raw edges, hand dyed fabrics, and a nonchalant look. Bohemian chic, Bellaish's distinct signature style, is apparent in the collection. Patterns constructed with a generous amount of fabric are masterly sculptured, flowing around and away from the body with ease.


Bellaish, who worked as a fashion sculptor in the exhibition, Je t'aime, Ronit Elkabetz, at the Holon Design Museum ( 2018), also created several styles as a tribute to Elkabetz. The intense work on the exhibition influenced him deeply in his new collection, and Elkabetz's inspiration is reflected in the dramatic looks, color palette, use of black, raw edged, silks with bright rhinestones and more. Elkabetz, who was a renowned actress in Israel passed away at the early age of 52 in 2016. She was not only a leading actress but a unique personality and a fashion icon.

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