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In the summer of  92’, the young Victor Bellaish (24),  appeared before the board of admissions at  the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, the most prestigious school of fashion design in Israel. Buying materials in order to create a portfolio of his work was not a financial option for him, so he presented the committee with a dress he created from 10,000 safety pins. 


The dress became iconic and earned Bellaish grants and funding for the next 4 years of his studies. He graduated with honors in 1996, and went on to win first prize in the Diesel world contest for promising young designers. Soon after, he received a phone call from the renowned Italian designer, Roberto Cavalli, who offered him a job as a leading designer at the Cavalli studio.


Bellaish spent the next decade in Italy. In the 4 years he worked with Cavalli, he was instrumental in transforming the elite brand from printed leather, jeans and T-shirts, to printed dresses which became synonymous with the brand’s trademark and credited the Cavalli house of design popularity and prestige worldwide.


In 2000 Bellaish left Cavalli and opened his own studio in Italy, introducing his first collection on the Milan fashion week that same year. The morning after his show the headlines in the Italian papers read: “A star is born”.


In 2006 Bellaish decided to return home, to Israel. Although Italy was good to Bellaish, he was homesick and felt detached from his roots. As hard as it was to make the decision, he knew that the center of his life and creation should be at home,  were his family and friends are. He left Italy and opened a bridal gown studio in Jaffa.The studio flourished, expanding into evening gown designs as well, turning Bellaish into one of the leading designers in Israel. 


Bellaish’s dresses are inspired by his passion for art and sculpturing. He maximises the use of natural materials and techniques. Mostly freestyle and loose, idolizing the feminine silhouette.

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